Commisioner for Taking Affidavits Services

Thomsen Paralegal Services has the skills, experience, and qualifications necessary to act as a Commisioner for taking Affidavits, by virtue of office. This allows for the taking of affidavits, as well as the administration of other legal oaths, affirmations or declarations.

Trustworthy &


Thomsen Paralegal Services provides clients in London the chance at affordable, professional representation and small claims advice. If your legal needs relate to taking affidavits or various other oaths, you can trust that everything we do has the full force of our 30 years of experience and skills. We’re the reliable service you can trust to be there when you need legal aid!​

Affidavits and Oaths


Thomsen Paralegal Services is qualified to commission many legal documents, including:

  • Travel forms for children
  • Vehicle transfer forms
  • Proof of residency affidavits
  • Insurance claims
  • Name change applications
  • Student loan forms
  • Application forms for Ontario Works or ODSP
And More!

Offering Legal Representation and Valuable Advice.

Paralegals are regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) on behalf of the public. The LSUC oversees paralegals to ensure they are providing capable service within the range of legal areas they are allowed to take on, such as small claims court, traffic court, and tribunal work. Our expertise and efficiency makes Thomsen Paralegal Services an invaluable partner when you need legal representation in these areas.


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