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Human rights laws in Ontario can be hard to understand, with the whole process being intimidating and embarrassing for many people. But at both a Provincial and Federal level, the law prohibits discrimination in areas of employment, services, facilities, public accommodation, professional association, property leasing and sales, membership in labour unions, and the dissemination of hate propaganda. At Thomsen Paralegal Services, there are over 200 tribunals which fall into my focus, including the Ontario Human Rights Commission and the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, which are tribunals dedicated to ensuring justice in the face of discrimination or harassment. This is an area that Thomsen  Paralegal Services has much experience in. With Thomsen Paralegal Services by your side, you can navigate through the process at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario with as much comfort and ease as possible.

Have Your Human Rights Been Violated Or Ignored?

The Human Rights Code of the Province of Ontario ensures everyone’s right to be free from harassment and discrimination. If your rights have been infringed upon based on the following, you have legal standing:

Race, Colour, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Expression, Age, Ancestry, Place of Origin, Citizenship, Ethnic Origin, Creed, Disability, Family Status, Marital Status, Receipt of Public Assistance (Housing), Record of Offences (Employment), Association, or Reprisal.

The grounds of discrimination vary according to jurisdiction, making expert paralegal knowledge of Human Rights law essential. If you feel that you have been wronged in one of the areas listed above, I can help determine if you have a case.

100% Confidential Process

No one wants their case to become the subject of attention. Thomsen Paralegal Services provides advice and representation for human rights issues at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and in other Court proceedings with confidentiality and discretion as far as I can pursue them.

Proper representation with a strict adherence to confidentiality can help restore your dignity under the law. Thomsen Paralegal Services offers assistance and representation to those who feel they have experienced discrimination or harassment based upon one of the grounds prescribed in the Human Rights Code.

Offering Representation and Valuable Advice.

have your questions answered with a friendly consultation

Paralegals are regulated by the Law Society of Law Society of Ontario (LSO) on behalf of the public. The LSUC oversees the industry to ensure they are providing capable service within the range of legal areas they are allowed to take on, such as Civil Litigation, Online Marketing Law, Tribunal Representation (Human Rights, Appeals, Landlord & Tenant, etc.),  and Small Claims Court, among many other legal matters. My expertise and efficiency makes Thomsen Paralegal Services an invaluable partner when you need legal and paralegal services representation in these legal areas.

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