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Thomsen Paralegal Services specializes in proceedings related to Small Claims Court, which has the monetary jurisdiction of $25,000. I have helped many people from all walks of life, from individuals to business owners, collect what’s owed to them. Working towards settlements rather than trials, I cover civil matters such as breach of contract, wrongful dismissal, poor workmanship, latent and patent defects, defamation, and many more

My in-depth knowledge of, and extensive experience in the small claims litigation process allows me to successfully manoeuvre through the intricacies in filing claims and dealing with any steps in the processes associated with Ontario’s Small Claims Court system.

Plaintiff, Defendant, Garnishments, & Motions

Ontario’s Small Claims Courts are designed to be courts for the people, allowing a person, regardless of their means, to have their case heard in a fair, impartial setting. I can be the difference between a hearing and winning the case. I can help with:

  • Drafting and filing of claims and defences, whether you’re the plaintiff or the defendant 
  • Preparation of materials and attendance to motions, settlement conferences, and trial settlements 
  • Help enforce wage or bank account garnishment

I properly assess your case, give you our legal advice, manage the court process, negotiate settlements, and to argue your case in trial.

Stress-Free Process

Small Claims Court can often appear to be a confusing labyrinth of rules and order. I have the skills and experience necessary to navigate this, making sure that you know all your rights before the law

  • Enforce judgements
  • Offer representative services for less money than a lawyer

Small Claims Court is an excellent method to recover the money you are owed; enter your proceeding well-prepared with the knowledge and experience of Thomsen Paralegal Services on your side.

Offering Representation and Valuable Advice.

have your questions answered with a friendly consultation

Paralegals are regulated by the Law Society of Law Society of Ontario (LSO) on behalf of the public. The LSUC oversees the industry to ensure they are providing capable service within the range of legal areas they are allowed to take on, such as Civil Litigation, Online Marketing Law, Tribunal Representation (Human Rights, Appeals, Landlord & Tenant, etc.),  and Small Claims Court, among many other legal matters. My expertise and efficiency makes Thomsen Paralegal Services an invaluable partner when you need legal and paralegal services representation in these legal areas.

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