Summary Criminal Defences

A summary offence is less serious than an indictable offence, but that doesn’t mean you should take it without legal advice. Any criminal act that can be proceeded with summarily, without the right to a jury trial and/or indictment, is a summary offence, and Thomsen Paralegal Services can represent you and give you top-notch legal advice on how to proceed.

Effective Summary Defenses

There are a wide variety of Provincial offences that can include summonses. They can be received after perceived violations to the following: 

  • Municipal or Provincial traffic and parking laws
  • Dog Owner’s Liability Act 
  • The Environmental Protection Act 
  • Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act 
  • Liquor License Act 
  • The Smoke Free Ontario Act, 
  • The Retail Business Holidays Act

A summons may be issued for not licensing of your dog, wrongful disposal of an environmentally dangerous substance, taking more than the legal limit of fish caught, serving alcohol to a minor, smoking tobacco in the company car, or a business being open for business on a statutory holiday.

Experienced Trustable Services

Whatever your summons, we will defend you with passion, doing everything we can as your representative to get you the best possible result. Traffic court is the perfect place to make use of a paralegal who can provide the same service as a lawyer or better, at a reduced cost. We work with you to uncover exactly what happened and decide the best defence. 

Offering Legal Representation and Valuable Advice.

have your questions answered with a friendly consultation

Paralegals are regulated by the Law Society of Law Society of Ontario (LSO) on behalf of the public. The LSUC oversees paralegals to ensure they are providing capable service within the range of legal areas they are allowed to take on, such as Civil Litigation, Online Marketing Law, Tribunal Representation (Human Rights, Appeals, Landlord & Tenant, etc.),  and Small Claims Court, among many others. Our expertise and efficiency makes Thomsen Paralegal Services an invaluable partner when you need legal representation in these areas.

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